Gender and Sexuality Studies

Messner & motez de oca (canvas)

Reading Reflection 4 For week 5 readings:
Johnston & Taylor (11)
Martin & Kazyak (16)
Messner & Motez de Oca (Canvas)
Reading Reflections should be about 2 pages (double spaced)
Page 1: Summarize all of the readings for that week (this can be in narrative or bullet format). Include:
Topic: What is the author talking about? What was their purpose in writing this?
Key Points: what are the author`s main points and arguments?
Page 2: Identify one or two ideas from any reading that stuck out to you and reflect on how they can help you write your paper for this class (How do these ideas relate to the myths you have to choose from for your paper? How can the readings for this week help you cover the necessary topics from the paper prompt?)
page 3
Discussion Board for Module 4 readings:
Johnston & Taylor (11)
Martin & Kazyak (16)
Messner & Motez de Oca (Canvas)
Each student will be required to:
(1) answer AT LEAST 4 of the questions posed in weekly discussion forums on Canvas
Discussion Questions:
1. What do you think of Jonston & Taylor`s assertions that even campaigns like Dove Real Beauty are problematic? Can you think of modern day examples of ad campaigns that reinforce this beauty ideology rather than challenge it.
2. In your opinion, do you think it`s possible for companies to challenge the beauty ideology? How do capitalism and patriarchy tie into all of this?
3. Drawing on the Martin & Kazyak article and your own personal experiences, are G rated films still guilty of reinforcing heteronormativity?
4. To what extent are G rated films diversifying their representations (in terms of gender expectations, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.)? Provide examples. Has much change happened over time and is it “enough”?
5. The Messner and Montez De Oca article was originally written in 2005. To what extent have things changed since then? Provide examples!
6. Why is it problematic for advertisements to draw on stereotypes. What can companies do better, and is this possible under a system of capitalism?