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  Week 10 Assignment – Fiscal Planning and Management Presentation Overview Fo

Week 10 Assignment – Fiscal Planning and Management Presentation
For this assignment, you will create a narrated PowerPoint presentation designed to train others on the role of healthcare administrations in fiscal planning and fiscal management. This is your opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about what fiscal planning and management can and should look like for healthcare administrators.
As a regional healthcare administrator for a long-term care organization, you have been asked to train a new group of healthcare administrators who just completed their degrees. They have no work experience in healthcare administration or financial management. For this assignment, you will develop a 10–12 slide narrated PowerPoint presentation explaining the role of healthcare administrators in fiscal planning and financial management.
Your presentation should address each of the following:

Explain how fiscal planning ties into the strategic planning. Be sure to provide at least two concrete examples. In this context, fiscal planning may be considered strategic financing.
Describe the role (direct or indirect) that healthcare administrators play in budgeting. Specifically address the role administrators play in the construction and implementation of operating and capital budgets.
Assess how fiscal planning and financial management help ensure that provider organizations remain compliant with federal, state, and local regulations. Conversely, you should assess how those regulations impact fiscal planning and healthcare financial management.
Review the 4 Cs of healthcare finance: cost, capital, control, and cash by writing a brief definition of each and explain, with rationale, the impact of the 4 Cs on the success of health service organizations.
Propose the application of Lean Six Sigma concepts as a tool for in strengthening the revenue cycle of provider organizations.
Your presentation should meet the following formatting requirements:
Be 10–12 slides in length.
Include narrated content to match the presentation.
Include a cover slide and references slide (or slides). (These slides are not part of the 10–12 slide requirement.)
Include 3–5 quality references, one of which should be your course textbook.
Use Basic Search: Strayer University Library to find and include 3–5 quality references, one of which should be your course text.
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
Analyze the healthcare administrator’s role in fiscal planning and management.

Social Science homework help

1.  What is the difference between actual and perceived risk? Should we rely on

1.  What is the difference between actual and perceived risk? Should we rely on perceived risk when making risk management decisions? Include a specific example as evidence.
2.  Which is superior: Risk Information Seeking and Processing Model or Societal Risk Reduction Motivation model? Provide 3 qualities that justify your answer based on model variables and usability of the model.
3.  What qualities allow individuals to engage in edgework? Why would those in an edgework community perceive risk differently than those outside the community?
4.  “Extant research has frequently focused on determining the relative effectiveness of narratives and nonnarratives. The next step in this research may be to move from the questions of whether narratives are more effective to whennarratives are more effective…” So, what variables of narratives will make them most effective for risk messages? What should narratives include/do to ensure their success?
5.  How can our understanding of numeracy improve risk communication in provider-patient communication?
2 pages for each question, Each question has 2-4 articles to be used to answer the questions.