Public health

Slide 1: (Required text) Purpose: This Project Definition Document provides a br

Slide 1:
(Required text) Purpose: This Project Definition Document provides a brief overview of to promote a shared understanding of it before a more detailed Plan, Schedule, and Budget is prepared.
Theme: There are ideas for the theme in your planning kit. Make sure to chose one appropriate for your population.
Location: Business/organization where your health fair will be implemented
Slide 2:
Population: Describe the population of the business/organization: number of employees, average employee age, company culture, and top 2 health problems w/in your organization
Problem/Opportunity What problem or opportunity does your health fair address? How will the THEME of your health fair address this problem/opportunity?
Slide 3:
Goal: Provide a clear concise statement of the project’s intended purpose and desired results.
Critical Success Factors: Consider this the projects objectives. Select 1-2 detailed SMART objectives that will determine whether or not implementation of your project was successful. These often include references to schedule, budget, scope, quality and/or certain deliverables.
Example process objective: “By the end of the program, 80% of participants will attend 4 out of 6 physical activity sessions.” Do NOT copy this objective. It has nothing to do with your project. Create your own objectives related to your project.
Slide 4:
In-Scope: This section provides a high-level list of activities to be completed during the project. What can your attendees except to receive when they attend your event? (This section should include at least 10 in-scope services, activities, etc)
Out-of-Scope: Provides a list of items, services, and/or activities the project will NOT undertake. By defining OOS, you are trying to prevent scope creep. Your course materials cover OOS. Make sure you are studying your book and resources. (This section should include at least 3 services/activities you will not have or provide at your health fair.)
Stakeholders-This is a list of individuals or groups that have interest in or will be impacted by implementation of the project/program. (Provide the top 5 stakeholders for your health fair.)


A. What are the key takeaways of the case? Refer to the individual case guidelin

A. What are the key takeaways of the case? Refer to the individual case guidelines for this. must address the impact of Covid-19 on the following issues:
1. Changes to agency theory – shareholder-centric model
2. Attention to all stakeholders
3. Interaction of business and society
4. Comprehensive approach to compensation
5. More deliberative decision-making
6. Board composition
B. How do the course learning objectives (posted on the first page of the syllabus) align with this case?


some believe that African-American police officers should be assigned to African

some believe that African-American police officers should be assigned to African-American neighborhoods, Latino officers should be assigned to Latino neighborhoods, white officers should be assigned to white neighborhoods, and so on. Discuss why you believe such an approach is a good or bad idea. Explain why you think this approach might lead to greater or reduced diversity in the criminal justice system.


Write a 500 word essay addressing each of the following points/questions. Be sur

Write a 500 word essay addressing each of the following points/questions. Be sure to completely answer all the questions for each bullet point. Separate each section in your paper with a clear heading that allows your professor to know which bullet you are addressing in that section of your paper. Support your ideas with at least two (2) sources in your essay. Make sure to cite using the APA writing style for the essay. The cover page and reference page do not count towards the minimum word amount. Review the rubric criteria for this assignment.
A 68-year-old client lives alone and is independent with all ADLs, has no restrictions for mobility, and is competent, and oriented x4. The client is on a fixed income, but has enough to manage a modest lifestyle. The client has family and social supports but is very independent and is proud of her self-reliance. The client’s height is 5’ 6”, weight is 210 lb. / 95.25 kg.
Please answer the following:
What is the client’s BMI?
Identify what screening tools you would use to assess nutritional and exercise knowledge, and why?
One Outcome/Intervention/Rationale:
Identify one outcome/goal that is reasonable, measurable and realistic. Identify 1 nursing intervention for the outcome and give rationale for the intervention.
Identify what weakness in the client’s life may be impacting the client’s activity and diet?
What referrals would you make and why?
(Use references for your responses, not just opinion.)


In these two blog posts, Marc Freccero shows both the promises and pitfalls of t

In these two blog posts, Marc Freccero shows both the promises and pitfalls of the gig economy. Using quotes from the two materials, I want you to write a brief 500 word essay that addresses the following questions:
What were Freccero’s initial expectations about being an Uber/Lyft driver?
How was the gig economy ‘framed’?
After some experience driving for Uber/Lyft, what was Freccero’s experience like? Did it match his expectations?
Did he manage to make a living out of being an Uber/Lyft driver?
Were his working conditions adequate?
Was this actually ‘a good hustle’?

Criminal Justice

Please Refer to Template INSTRUCTIONS For this assignment, you will select a pe

Please Refer to Template
For this assignment, you will select a peer reviewed journal article from one of the databases located in the University’s online library. The article will relate in some way to the reading material (use of force) you have reviewed for this module. After you read the article, download the Journal Article Review Template. Then, complete a Journal Article Review for the article you read. You are not reviewing the article in the sense that you are assessing it, but you are reviewing it so you can provide analysis and relate to your reader the main point and how they relate to the area of crisis intervention. The assignment is not to be too much shorter or longer than the example in the template. Ensure that you focus on the critical thinking piece of discussing implications the article has on criminal justice as this is the most important aspect of this process. How does the article’s content relate to the field of law enforcement? How does it influence policy and practice? This can be accomplished in the comments, recommendations, and conclusion sections of the assignment. Use an APA citation for the article you choose; you may provide additional reference support if you choose to, but it is not required.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.
Article :
Article Information:
Risk of being killed by police use of force in the United States by age, race–ethnicity, and sex
by Edwards, Frank; Lee, Hedwig; Esposito, Michael
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – PNAS, 08/2019, Volume 116, Issue 34
We use data on police-involved deaths to estimate how the risk of being killed by police use of force in the United States varies across social groups…
Journal Article Full Text Online
Cites / Cited by


Please upload a document of 400-500 words responding to the following instructio

Please upload a document of 400-500 words responding to the following instructions:
(1) Compose a sound syllogism in standard form.
(2) List the middle term, major term, & minor term.
(3) State the figure and mood of the syllogism.
(4) List the four rules of validity and state why or how your syllogism conforms to each of them.
(5) Convert the syllogism into a short paragraph, ensuring that all three premises are present.
(6) Would the paragraph benefit from a more subtle approach? If so, omit one of the premises or conclusions in order to formulate an enthymeme.
(7) Would the paragraph benefit from additional support? If so, add an epicheirema or another argument.
The uploaded document should be single-spaced (where appropriate), with 1 in. margins all around, and executed in a standard 12 pt. font such as Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, etc. While this is primarily a response paper, you should provide parenthetical citations if applicable.
Remember, your essay should be your own. This is not a research paper. Do not copy and paste from outside web sources or consult any unauthorized material (whether print or digital). If you would like to utilize a source you are unsure about, please seek permission from the professor. Use of unauthorized source material will result in a “0” on the assignment. Use of a Chatbot or any other form of conversational AI is absolutely prohibited. The consequences for plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty are outlined in the syllabus.


1. Watch this video:

1. Watch this video: to an external site.
2. Review the related case: to an external site.
3. Access to MIT’s Platform Wars at: to an external site.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Play Simulation
Using a critical approach to reflection, reflect upon your experience running the Platform Wars simulation. Your reflection should be in an essay format and cover the following points
1. Reflect upon your experience:
What did you do?
How did that work for you?
What else might you have done?
What did you learn? What questions do you have?
What do you need to consider doing or changing in the future?
2. What beliefs and assumptions influenced your decision-making in the simulation? Explain. Provide examples to illustrate your points.
3. What practices influenced your decision-making in the simulation? What practices from your experience and education affected your decisions in the simulation? Explain. Provide examples to illustrate your points.
How Can I Improve My Reflection Paper?
First be sure you are writing a reflection paper…a reflection paper focuses on thinking about the situation and discussing what you learned. A reflection paper should discuss what worked…and why? …and what didn’t work…and why? …what you have learned from this experience and what you will do differently next time. Making connections to concepts in the course is also important.
The most common mistake is to write a descriiptive paper…a paper that describes in detail what happened or what you did, but does not critically reflect on what worked and what didn’t work and what was learned. For example, a descriiptive paper will say: I raised the price in round 3 by $50. Then I read the note that my workers were unhappy.
A reflective paper will say: My strategy of keeping my price higher than the competition did not work well. Due to my uncompetitive pricing, I was unable to gain market share, which is essential in a market where installed base is a key competitive advantage. I learned that when competing in a market it is important to understand the characteristics of the market (i.e., how does this market work and what is essential to achieving a competitive advantage in it). I also learned that it is essential to understand and monitor the competitive environment, particularly competitors’ pricing. Even if I am pursing a differentiation strategy, my pricing must be competitive versus similarly positioned brands.
Other Requirements: Your paper must be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins on all borders. On the cover sheet, you should type your name and the following statement: “I certify that the work I submit is my own individual work, and that I have neither discussed this paper with anyone else nor received help from any other person or source.”

Computer Science

The Online Food Ordering Database Final Project: Must include CreateDB.sql and P

The Online Food Ordering Database Final Project:
Must include CreateDB.sql and PopulateData.sql scriipts.
Must include a User Guide with the URL for the screencast video presentation.( For this please just send me a scriipt and I’ll make the video part)
Must include a Screencast that is eight to 10 minutes in length.
Must include a separate title page with the following:
Title of paper
Student’s name
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Date submitted
Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in UAGC’s The Writing Center Links to an external site..
Prior to beginning work on this assignment, it is recommended that you review all of your previous readings to better assist you with completing the Final Project.
The Final Project for this course is an accumulation of previous weeks’ assignments in which you will utilize all of the skills you have acquired in this course to implement an Online Food Ordering Database using the latest PHPMyAdmin version. In each week of the course, you performed various tasks toward creating the Online Food Ordering Database. Now you will create SQL scriipts that regenerate the tables, relationships, and data of the Online Food Ordering Database.
In Week 1 (Task 1), you defined the system stakeholder, and you recognized the importance of understanding organizational stakeholders for database design success. In Week 2 (Task 2), you provided a complete Chen ER diagram design and corresponding list of tables. In Week 3 (Task 3), you normalized your database to the third normalization form. In Week 4 (Task 4), you used the latest version of MySQL to implement the tables and relationships of the database you normalized in Week 3. Finally, in Week 5 (Task 5), you added “for insert” and “delete” triggers to the “tbl_employee” table to track which employee updated the Online Food Ordering Database.
Now you will incorporate all the feedback you received for the work you created in previous weeks and
Provide a MySQL scriipt to recreate the final database you implemented in the previous tasks.
The scriipt should recreate all the tables, constraints, views, and triggers you have implemented. Name the SQL scriipt “CreateDB.sql”
Provide a MySQL scriipt to add several rows to each of the tables you created.
Do your best to use data and formatting that mimics what is used in a real online ordering system (i.e., emails, first name, last name, credit card information, etc.). Name the SQL scriipt “PopulateData.sql”
Create a step-by-step user guide on how to run the above scriipts to create the database from scratch using the “CreateDB.sql” and to populate some data into the generated tables using the “PopulateData.sql.”
Title this document “User Guide.” Your user guide should be detailed enough to include your comments describing the SQL functionalities and overall tasks, along with screenshots of all steps and their outputs.
Create a screencast video presentation using Screencast-O-Matic in which you walk the instructor through your Online Food Ordering Database.
(Quick-start guides for Screencast-O-Matic Links to an external site.are provided for your convenience.) Be sure to describe the concepts related to the design and management of your database.
Your screencast should be eight to 10 minutes in length. (It is highly recommended that you create a scriipt and/or speaker’s notes to ensure that your screencast will meet the time requirements. This will also allow you to practice your presentation prior to recording it.)
Once your screencast has been created, make sure to include the URL for your screencast at the end of your User Guide.
Once you have completed the final database with all associated scriipts, save them into a zip folder, and submit it to the Week 5 Zip File Submission page. Your zip folder should include two SQL scriipts (CreateDB.sql and PopulateData.sql). If you need more guidance, review the Zip File Quick Start Guide Download Zip File Quick Start Guide. Next, submit your User Guide through the Waypoint grading system. Your instructor will run your SQL scriipts following your instruction to ensure that the SQL scriipts you provided generate the Online Food Ordering Database and populate data in its tables.


Please create your original post with Conflict Theory as your lense. In your re

Please create your original post with Conflict Theory as your lense.
In your response reflect on the NFL’s actions in response to the concussion crisis. Were the actions of the NFL ethical? professional? empathetic? criminal? or anything else? What were your personal thoughts as you viewed the documentary?